I Heart Faces photo contest | “Shadows”

The photo challenge this week at I Heart Faces is shadows, and I knew which photo I would use the minute I saw the category. I caught this photo of my sister-in-law’s parents holding hands while we were on holiday sight-seeing. They are in their 70’s. I just loved the fact that after all the years of being married, they are still holding hands. It makes me believe in real love and that it can last a lifetime. I want to have that!

Take a look at other entries over at the I Heart Faces site.

Thanks for looking, Paige.


13 thoughts on “I Heart Faces photo contest | “Shadows”

  1. GAH! Such a timely reading this morning… I love this shot. My in-laws have 62 years of marriage and are now facing my mother-in-love’s diagnosis of cancer. This is the kind of picture you could take of them any day and it perfectly demonstrates that sweet familiar love they have.

    Excuse me while I grab a tissue 🙂

    Thanks for posting this… utterly beautiful.

    • Ah Rachel, I read your story earlier this morning and my heart went out to you and your family! 62 years is a wonderful life together. I hold her in my prayers!

      That’s what I love about photographs though- that you can forever capture that moment to remember no matter what happens.

      Thanks for the comment!

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