& then my lens arrived.

My new lens arrived (Canon 50mm 1.8 prime lens), and I have been dying to go out and do a mini-shoot with it to give it a ‘run in’. My best friend agreed to be my subject and we went out quickly on Saturday morning… I love it! Debs & I have been friends since we were around 9 years old, that’s 20 years ago. Wow… isn’t that awesome? She will probably be embarrassed when she knows I’ve put her photos up here- but I think they’re great, and she looks stunning! 🙂

Love the bokeh in these ones! *sigh* 🙂

This one below could just be my fave- love the light in the b&w!

Ok, maybe THIS next one’s my favourite… I couldn’t decide if I preferred the colour or b&w, so here they both are. Which do you prefer? 🙂

Thanks Debs for humouring me! I can’t wait to use this lens until my hearts content… bring on the shoots.

Thanks for looking, Paige.


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