Meet Tayden

Last Sunday I did a session with a very special little boy, Tayden.  The wind was howling (probably the worst day we’ve had this month) so even although we braved it for a little bit at the end of the session, we did most of the session indoors. We knew it wasn’t ideal and Tayden wasn’t really in the mood to smile for a camera… but we worked with it J

Tayden’s story is one that is truly amazing. He has struggled with Feeding Tube Dependency and literally had to learn to eat and drink again at age 2. He is a fighter and I am always amazed at how happy he is, through all the hospital trips and operations… he’s a special little guy! (For those interested, his mom has a webpage about his story and updates regularly with his progress).

So, here are a few images from his session. Let me tell you, one day many ladies are going to get lost in those beautiful blue eyes! 😉 This is Tayden:

This is Tayden’s favourite friend Leo. Leo goes everywhere with him! 🙂

Love his eyes in this one!

So cute, sitting with his mom…

Loving being chased by his dad and riding his bike!

Looking at snails in the grass…

Thanks for looking, Paige.



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