Estee & Olivia

Estee asked me to wait 2 weeks before I posted these, as the photos from her session were a surprise for Olivia’s dad, Estee’s husband. Its his birthday, and I KNOW he will appreciate these photographs of his two special ladies and all the planning that went on without him knowing 😉 Estee spent a lot of time planning and brought a whole lot of props with them.

The day of the session was another very windy in PE (surprise, surprise!), but these two handled it like troopers and were determined to face the sand blowing at them and hair blowing in their faces, all in the name of these photos! 🙂 I think they came out so great and am very proud of this shoot!

Take a look at some of my favourites:

Olivia is so pretty!

So cute!

Fairy-tales and tiaras… awesome!

And then we changed location, for the more playful part of the session… starting with one of my all-time favourite portraits. Seriously? Can you say Shhhmodel? 😉

and also so sweet, love those purple ribbons!

And to just show you some of the fun & games they got up to… 🙂


Thanks for looking, Paige.


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