Anja & Gregg, expecting no.2

It had been raining on Saturday and when I woke up on Sunday at 6am, it was STILL raining. I was feeling a bit bummed, because we had postponed this session once already because of weather… and we were due to meet at 8:30am on this Sunday. Obviously the baby’s due date was getting closer as well, and we had decided that this was the last weekend we would be able to do it. Eeeeek. THEN, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and although it was a bit wet and we had the odd cloudy moments (not a bad thing for me ;)… we did it!

What a beautiful family. This couple is honestly one of the sweetest couples I know. They are so loving and happy and I am so honoured to be asked to take a few images for them to capture this time before they become a family of 4!

Anja is also a graphic designer and is pretty good with her camera as well, so I really wanted to give her some images she would be happy with. I hope that’s the case…. Here are a few from the morning:

love this one!

So cute!

Aaah Anja, you look so gorgeous!

Thanks you guys, was such fun! Can’t wait for you to welcome your little girl.

& thanks for looking, Paige.


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