Weddings bells & business wishes

Photo by Taryn Rahl

I am now a married woman. We had an amazing wedding day and awesome honeymoon, which all went by in a flash for me- but explains the absence on my blog! 😉

I am ready to start the ‘new year’ on my photography and look forward to new challenges and new steps for Photo Paige. I say ‘new year’ because I realised this past week, that the first ever photo session I did as a paid session was in May last year… 12 months ago. I didn’t know I would be here now, with the passion I do to grow a business and learn as much as I can about photographing wonderful people. I absolutely love it!

So, you can expect to see more from me again, I have a few shoots coming up, couples, maternity, family, wedding breakfast and hopefully lots lots more! 😉 I am hopeful and open to new possibilities right now. Watch this space.

Thanks for checking in… see you soon! P.x


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