Jana & Dirk. Married.

Jana and Dirk’s wedding was filled with love and the feeling of complete and utter happiness! When Jana first started talking to me about her wedding, she mentioned that it was not going to be conventional in any way (if she had had her way, they would have eloped and got married on some island somewhere :). Well, all I can say is they stayed true to themselves and threw all the traditions to the wind, focusing on their love and the marriage ceremony itself.

They went away for a weekend to the small Karoo town of Kareedouw, with their family and closest friends. There was an intimate braai on the Saturday evening and then Sunday morning, I was there to document their marriage ceremony. A beautiful setting!

On this very cold and wet morning (the coldest this winter by far) Jana met me in her wedding dress, a smile beaming from ear-to-ear. She walked around with her simple, beautiful dress flowing around her, chatting excitedly to guests and her husband-to-be. We took a few photos next to the horses in the paddock, with the most amazing light through the dark clouds. I was asked to just let them be and take photos naturally around them (which I love, as catching them looking comfortable and just as they are is what makes every wedding unique!). They walked into the cosy chapel arm-in-arm, so in love and excited and their ceremony was personal and heartfelt in every way. It was perfect.

There was no mess, no fuss, no posing, no choreographed moments, no speeches and none of the frilly details that detracted from what they were actually there to do… Get Married!!

Dirk en Jana, baie BAIE geluk met julle troue! It was perfectly YOU.

Here are a few of my favourites from the morning:

Jana, you are stunning!!

Have you ever seen two people look more happy? 🙂

Everyone wanted a photo of the new Mr & Mrs!

Thanks for looking! Paige.


5 thoughts on “Jana & Dirk. Married.

  1. Beautiful pics, Paige. You captured so much of the love and happiness between Jana and Dirk. Jana was a beautiful bride.

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