Let’s Make Pictures Wedding Workshop. Part 1

Last week I attended the first Let’s Make Pictures 2-day wedding workshop, hosted by 3 of PE’s most talented photographers: Taryn Rahl, Ingrid Marais and Liza De Beer. It was an awesome experience and I highly recommend it for anyone in the PE area or surrounds who are interested in wedding photography. They shared so much of their combined knowledge from years of experience with us in a relaxed, informal setting.

We chatted about everything from the business side to a few tips & tricks and we had the opportunity to ask any questions we had for these amazing photographers (we were also lucky enough to have another well-known, super funny PE wedding photographer join us, Cherie Theron… so we heard from 4 photographers in reality!! ;))

We had amazing service providers (see bottom of my post for their details) create beautiful décor and details for us to photograph. The setting was at the Slipperfields wedding venue (which happens to be where I got married 5 months ago!!), and despite a few raindrops and a fair amount of wind- we had amazing locations to shoot at! I loved every minute and have come away feeling super inspired and in love with wedding photography (and with a few more friends in the industry as well).

Here is Part 1 of my images I’d like to share with you, enjoy!


Decor: Hayley, Wedding Belles Wedding Planner

Venue: Jana, Slipperfields Wedding Venue

Cake: House of Bakes

Models : Taylor Morris and Chris Kelly

Taylor was dressed by Wedding Belles

Chris was dressed by Heinz in Style

Make-up by Iris Gomez

Gifts: The Gift Lady

Props and Wooden Words: The Letter Lady

Stationary and Design: Lily Dillion

Thanks for looking and stop by soon for PART 2!! 😉

Paige. x


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