Nalu turned one!

Nalu had the most amazing first birthday party! There was so much to do, from a jumping castle and slides/swings to a clown who painted their faces and made them balloon animals and swords, to the ‘Flopsy Show’ story-telling… they also had an amazing sweet table, a popcorn machine and a candyfloss machine! How awesome 🙂 Here are a few from the day…

Nalu party-1 Nalu party-2 Nalu party-7 Nalu party-16 Nalu party-17 Nalu party-23 Nalu party-28 Nalu party-33 Nalu party-41 Nalu party-44 Nalu party-47 Nalu party-57 Nalu party-62 Nalu party-65 Nalu party-71 Nalu party-128 Nalu party-144 Nalu party-149 Nalu party-156 Nalu party-159 Nalu party-171 Nalu party-183 Nalu party-184 Nalu party-187 Nalu party-192 Nalu party-198 Nalu party-209 Nalu party-212 Nalu party-250 Nalu party-264 Nalu party-266 Nalu party-275

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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