Nilisha & Ren . Engaged

Nilisha & Ren’s families came together for the first time for their formal engagement. I have never been to an Indian engagement ceremony and just loved being there to experience it. Everyone was just so happy for the two of them –  it was very special. There’s something about having the families there when you become officially engaged in this ceremony that makes it feel as though this is truly a blessed union! Congrats to you both! Here are a few from the day.

Nilisha & Ren-2 Nilisha & Ren-3 Nilisha & Ren-11 Nilisha & Ren-14 Nilisha & Ren-17 Nilisha & Ren-22 Nilisha & Ren-30 Nilisha & Ren-33 Nilisha & Ren-37 Nilisha & Ren-42 Nilisha & Ren-46 Nilisha & Ren-56 Nilisha & Ren-61 Nilisha & Ren-68 Nilisha & Ren-81 Nilisha & Ren-89 Nilisha & Ren-103 Nilisha & Ren-110

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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