Zaji & Bekiwe . Married

Zaji and Beki are such a fun couple and so in love. I could see it straight away the day I met them at their dress rehearsal… Beki gave me a big hug when we met, Zaji was all smiles, the two of them had a spark in their eyes and there was much practice of dancing down the aisle (and not just walking!) 🙂 This whole bridal party of 10 was such a fun group of people! They got married on 27 April at the Birchwood Hotel. What a great day and I loved being a part of it.

Zaji and Beki, all I can say is “Thank you”! Thank you for trusting me to document your special day, even although you knew this was my first big wedding as lead photographer. I will forever be grateful that you took a leap of faith with me. I hope you enjoy a sneak preview of your images and a look back on your special day! (A big thank you to Jeanne Marie Massyn Photography for being my second shooter!!)

Zaji & Beki-2 Zaji & Beki-3 Zaji & Beki-6 Zaji & Beki-8 Zaji & Beki-10 Zaji & Beki-13 b&w Zaji & Beki-16 b&w Zaji & Beki-18 Zaji & Beki-20 Zaji & Beki-24 b&w Zaji & Beki-26 b&w Zaji & Beki-27 Zaji & Beki-28 Zaji & Beki-31 b&w Zaji & Beki-32 Zaji & Beki-34 Zaji & Beki-37 b&w Zaji & Beki-38 Zaji & Beki-41 b&w Zaji & Beki-45 Zaji & Beki-46 b&w Zaji & Beki-49 Zaji & Beki-50 Zaji & Beki-53 Zaji & Beki-55 b&w Zaji & Beki-56 Zaji & Beki-58 Zaji & Beki-60 Zaji & Beki-61 Zaji & Beki-62 Zaji & Beki-63 Zaji & Beki-65 Zaji & Beki-66 Zaji & Beki-70 Zaji & Beki-75 Zaji & Beki-77 Zaji & Beki-78 Zaji & Beki-80 Zaji & Beki-82 b&w Zaji & Beki-83 Zaji & Beki-86b Zaji & Beki-87 Zaji & Beki-88 Zaji & Beki-90 Zaji & Beki-94 Zaji & Beki-96 Zaji & Beki-98 Zaji & Beki-100

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


One thought on “Zaji & Bekiwe . Married

  1. Beki and Zaji, we are so happy for you. Thanks for sharing the pictures; they are awesome and both of you are so beautiful – inside and outside. We are sorry that we could not have been there for your very special day. You are sincere and genuine people and you are blessed to have found each other. Congratulations, have fun, and enjoy the comfort, the love and the stabilizing force that marriage provides to those who love each other. We love you dearly and hope to see you soon. ~Rodney and Jeanine Watson; Dallas, Texas

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