Triplets turn 1!

The sweet Smargiasso triplets have just turned one, here are a few images from their cake smash session. They weren’t too interested in their cakes, I must admit- but had help from their older sister and a few others 😉 They are so close to walking and were so chuffed with themselves when they had a moment of standing with no help (was too adorable!!). Here are a few images of the fun that happened…

Triplets 1st bday-10 Triplets 1st bday-13 Triplets 1st bday-14 Triplets 1st bday-17 Triplets 1st bday-18 Triplets 1st bday-24 Triplets 1st bday-28 Triplets 1st bday-30

Sweet Aryana…

Triplets 1st bday-38How cute is Zara?

Triplets 1st bday-41 Triplets 1st bday-42 Triplets 1st bday-45 Triplets 1st bday-47and the gorgeous Sofia… standing on her own!

Triplets 1st bday-52 Triplets 1st bday-55 Triplets 1st bday-62 Triplets 1st bday-66 Triplets 1st bday-68Thanks for looking, Paige. x



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