Hendrea & Pieter . Married

Hendrea and Pieter got married in May at the Makiti Wedding Venue. I was second shooter for my friend, Jeanne Marie Massyn Photography. Here are some of my images from the day.

P+H-4 P+H-6 P+H-7 P+H-8 b&w P+H-14 P+H-18 P+H-19 P+H-21 P+H-25 P+H-32 b&w P+H-34 P+H-35 b&w P+H-37 b&w P+H-38 b&w P+H-39 P+H-41 b&w P+H-42 P+H-46 b&w P+H-47 b&w P+H-48 b&w P+H-49 b&w P+H-50 P+H-51 b&w P+H-52 b&w P+H-53 P+H-54 P+H-55 P+H-56 P+H-57 P+H-58 P+H-59 P+H-60 b&w P+H-62 b&w P+H-63 b&w P+H-64 B&W P+H-66 b&w P+H-68 b&w

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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