Jemma & Kyle . couple shoot

A ‘pastel perfect love’ themed shoot. I met Jemma and Kyle in the morning this past weekend and we walked a few Jacaranda tree’d streets and then set up in the park for a few cosy shots. They are such a great, good-looking couple! Here are a few of my favourites…

Jemma & Kyle-1 Jemma & Kyle-8 Jemma & Kyle-9 Jemma & Kyle-10 Jemma & Kyle-11 Jemma & Kyle-15 Jemma & Kyle-17 b&w Jemma & Kyle-26 Jemma & Kyle-27 b&w Jemma & Kyle-29 Jemma & Kyle-30 b&w Jemma & Kyle-31 Jemma & Kyle-34 Jemma & Kyle-38 Jemma & Kyle-40 Jemma & Kyle-41 Jemma & Kyle-45 Jemma & Kyle-48 Jemma & Kyle-49 Jemma & Kyle-50 Jemma & Kyle-51 b&w Jemma & Kyle-52 Jemma & Kyle-55 Jemma & Kyle-61 Jemma & Kyle-62 b&w Jemma & Kyle-65 Jemma & Kyle-68 Jemma & Kyle-77 b&w Jemma & Kyle-79 Jemma & Kyle-80 Jemma & Kyle-86 Jemma & Kyle-87 Jemma & Kyle-93 Jemma & Kyle-100

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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