Terblanche family

We met at the Estate where the Terblanche lives and I absolutely loved the area surrounding the little park where we took the photos. Huge overhanging trees, a cycle path running through, long grass and wild flowers… and perfect light! We took a few mom & daughter photos first and then some family ones and finished off with a small cake smash- Ross had just turned one! 🙂 Here are a few of my favourites… enjoy!Terblanche family-2 Terblanche family-9 Terblanche family-12 Terblanche family-14 Terblanche family-17 Terblanche family-19 Terblanche family-23 Terblanche family-31 Terblanche family-37 Terblanche family-38 Terblanche family-41 Terblanche family-44 Terblanche family-47 Terblanche family-55 Terblanche family-61 Terblanche family-63 Terblanche family-69 Terblanche family-70 Terblanche family-72 Terblanche family-82

Thanks for looking! Paige.x


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