Isabella turned 5

Themed “Alice in Wonderland”, Isabella’s birthday party had such great details and garden party goodness. There was a walk down the “rabbit hole” to a table full of great food with little “eat me” labels, ornate cake stands and vintage birdcages. In the trees and bushes hung decorative tea cups, decorations, teacup cookies and all sorts of pretty details. The girls had such fun running through the garden paths, looking at it all. The sweet table was FULL of all sorts of sweets, chocolates and candy apples. Isabella and her friends decorated cupcakes and cookies with all sorts of icing and toppings and each got to take their masterpieces home with them. To end it off, they all had their faces painted and sprinkled with glitter… how much fun! Here are a few images of the day…

Isabella's party-1 Isabella's party-2 Isabella's party-4 Isabella's party-7 Isabella's party-12 Isabella's party-13 Isabella's party-14 Isabella's party-16 Isabella's party-17 Isabella's party-23 Isabella's party-24 Isabella's party-25 Isabella's party-29 Isabella's party-30 Isabella's party-31 Isabella's party-32 Isabella's party-33 Isabella's party-34 Isabella's party-35 Isabella's party-36 Isabella's party-37 Isabella's party-39 Isabella's party-40 Isabella's party-41 Isabella's party-42 Isabella's party-43 Isabella's party-48 Isabella's party-50

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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