Quinn. Day 7

I so loved meeting Quinn. He is honestly one of the sweetest babies- so calm, happy and just so adorably cute!! On the day of his shoot I woke up to a very overcast and drizzly day and his mom and dad were worried about the light (I was too a little, but we had a great big window and my reflector and I knew we would make it work :)). Yet, it lifted enough to get some good natural light into the room and we got some very sweet shots in the end, don’t you think? (If you missed seeing Quinn’s birth announcement I designed, click here to have a little look). Here are a few of my favourite images… enjoy.

Quinn newborn-4 Quinn newborn-5 Quinn newborn-9 Quinn newborn-11 Quinn newborn-13 Quinn newborn-14 Quinn newborn-16 Quinn newborn-19 Quinn newborn-24 Quinn newborn-26 Quinn newborn-29 Quinn newborn-31 Quinn newborn-39 Quinn newborn-40 Quinn newborn-44 Quinn newborn-65

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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