Alessia-Emma turned 2

I was asked to come and photograph the family party for Alessia-Emma on her 2nd birthday. It rained and everyone had to stay indoors for the day, but that did not dampen the fun! She was very busy, and very sweet and here are a few from the day:

Alessia-Emma-10 Alessia-Emma-13 Alessia-Emma-17 b&w Alessia-Emma-18 Alessia-Emma-19 Alessia-Emma-20 Alessia-Emma-25 Alessia-Emma-31 Alessia-Emma-32 Alessia-Emma-33 Alessia-Emma-34 b&w Alessia-Emma-42 Alessia-Emma-45 Alessia-Emma-48 Alessia-Emma-53 Alessia-Emma-54 Alessia-Emma-59 Alessia-Emma-61 Alessia-Emma-67 b&w Alessia-Emma-69 Alessia-Emma-77 Alessia-Emma-89 Alessia-Emma-93 b&w Alessia-Emma-95 b&w Alessia-Emma-104 Alessia-Emma-105 b&w

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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