Imanna is One.

I met Imanna, his mama and the other special ladies in his life at Zoo Lake the other day! They were so excited for his 1st birthday cake smash and for this shoot that captures this milestone in his life. His mom had so many ideas, and put such effort in… She strung up images from the pregnancy scan before Imanna was born, through to a recent image of him… she made a chalkboard of all his cute details… just take a look at these images!

Imanna-14 Imanna-17 Imanna-22 b&w Imanna-23 Imanna-24 b&w Imanna-27 Imanna-28 Imanna-30 Imanna-31 b&w Imanna-32 Imanna-36 Imanna-42 b&w Imanna-43 Imanna-44 Imanna-46 b&w Imanna-48 Imanna-49 Imanna-50

And here is one of Imanna and all the special ladies in his life- lucky little guy! 🙂

Imanna-3 b&w

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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