Candice & Mitchell . Engaged

Recently, I met up with Candice and Mitchell to stroll around the lake and capture some images of the two of them. We incorporated a few sweet elements for a bit of a “Love is Sweet” -feel to the shoot… but really, it was just fun to capture them as they are. We were lucky (second time around) with the weather, we had beautiful light and I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks Candice & Mitchell for making my job so easy! Can’t wait for your wedding in October.

Here are some of my favourites from their engagement shoot, take a look:

Candice & Mitchell-2 Candice & Mitchell-10 Candice & Mitchell-13 Candice & Mitchell-16 Candice & Mitchell-17 Candice & Mitchell-21 Candice & Mitchell-23 Candice & Mitchell-24 Candice & Mitchell-26 Candice & Mitchell-29 Candice & Mitchell-31 Candice & Mitchell-36 Candice & Mitchell-40 Candice & Mitchell-42 Candice & Mitchell-43 Candice & Mitchell-48 Candice & Mitchell-52 Candice & Mitchell-55 Candice & Mitchell-56 Candice & Mitchell-60 Candice & Mitchell-63 Candice & Mitchell-64 Candice & Mitchell-65 Candice & Mitchell-68 Candice & Mitchell-69 Candice & Mitchell-70 Candice & Mitchell-71 Candice & Mitchell-73 Candice & Mitchell-75 Candice & Mitchell-77 Candice & Mitchell-78 Candice & Mitchell-81 Candice & Mitchell-84 Candice & Mitchell-85

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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