Terblanche family

I met the Terblanche family last weekend at Gillooly’s Farm for some family photos. I loved walking around and chatting with them… are how cute is this little one? (See her “shirt announcement” near the end of the post). They are expecting another little girl in July- exciting times! See below some of my favourites from their session…

Terblanche family-2 Terblanche family-4 Terblanche family-5 Terblanche family-6 Terblanche family-7 Terblanche family-9 Terblanche family-15 Terblanche family-19 Terblanche family-21 Terblanche family-24 Terblanche family-25 Terblanche family-27 Terblanche family-31 Terblanche family-35 Terblanche family-39 Terblanche family-40 Terblanche family-43 Terblanche family-50 Terblanche family-53 Terblanche family-57 Terblanche family-65 Terblanche family-66 Terblanche family-68 Terblanche family-70

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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