Isla’s 1st Birthday Party

Isla and her parents live in the UK, but were down visiting family (especially grandparents) in SA for Isla’s first birthday. They had a little party for her at the lovely La Vie En Rose in Illovo, with great food, fun for the kids and all their friends and family. Here are a few images from the day…

Isla-1 Isla-5 Isla-8 Isla-10 Isla-12 Isla-17 Isla-18 Isla-19 Isla-21 Isla-27 Isla-29 Isla-35 Isla-43 Isla-45 Isla-46 Isla-52 Isla-56 Isla-61 Isla-63 Isla-65 Isla-67 Isla-69 Isla-70 Isla-76 Isla-77 Isla-78 Isla-81 Isla-82 Isla-87 Isla-89 Isla-94 Isla-102 Isla-105 Isla-108

Thanks for looking, P. x


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