Rona’s 5th birthday party

What a great party Rona had! A Circus theme, with awesome decor (party planner was Elana from ‘Events by Elana‘) and a whole lot of fun for the kids. They had tattoo spraying, a magician show (just look at the joy and amazement on the kids faces!) and the tallest man we had all ever seen 😉 What a great family Rona has! Here are a few images from the day…

Rona-2 Rona-3 Rona-4 Rona-5 Rona-6 Rona-7 Rona-8 Rona-10 Rona-12 Rona-13 Rona-19 Rona-24 Rona-33 Rona-40 Rona-41 Rona-43 Rona-46 Rona-49 Rona-51 Rona-59 Rona-63 Rona-65 Rona-67 Rona-68 Rona-69 Rona-70 Rona-71 Rona-73 Rona-76 Rona-78 Rona-80 Rona-82 Rona-86 Rona-88 Rona-90 Rona-91 Rona-93 Rona-94 Rona-98 Rona-99 Rona-101 Rona-110 Rona-112 Rona-114 Rona-115 Rona-117 Rona-120 Rona-122 Rona-125 Rona-127 Rona-133 Rona-135 Rona-138

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


One thought on “Rona’s 5th birthday party

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