We took a break…

This is the reason for my silence the last few weeks. A month ago my husband and I took our first trip – together- overseas. We went to Greece, beautiful Greece!! We stayed in Athens, and then took ferries over to the islands of Mykonos, Paros and Santorini. We had the most amazing time and spent 2 weeks travelling around and lapping up the culture, sights and great atmosphere of what we saw of Greece. The food was so flavoursome (and look how “fresh” the seafood was!), the little towns so quaint, with pretty little streets and interesting shops. We rode a quad bike along narrow streets and dusty roads to look at hidden coves and beach cafes. It really is a stunning place and a holiday we will forever remember.

So, here is a personal post – the gorgeous places we visited, with a few images of us thrown in as well… (these are a mix of my camera, our point-and-shoot, with the odd cellphone image in between probably…)

Mykonos-7 Mykonos-10 Mykonos-11 Mykonos-12 Mykonos-13 Mykonos-19 Mykonos-21 Mykonos-23 Mykonos-29 Mykonos-30 Mykonos-31 Mykonos-34 Mykonos-48 Mykonos-49 Mykonos-55 Mykonos-58 Mykonos-65 Mykonos-66 Mykonos-67 Mykonos-76 Paros-5 Paros-10 Paros-11 Paros-27 Paros-29 Paros-32 Paros-35 Paros-38 Paros-40 Paros-46 Paros-47 Paros-48 Paros-55 Paros-58 Paros-74 Paros-75 Santorini-2 Santorini-4 Santorini-7 Santorini-63 Santorini-69 Santorini-77 Santorini-84 Santorini-93 Santorini-97 Santorini-99 Santorini-124 Santorini-133 Santorini-134 Santorini-135

Hope you enjoyed the look through our trip, as much as I enjoyed posting them once again! P. x


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