Ndalo’s 1st birthday cake smash

Here are some images from  Ndalo’s cake smash session we did for her first birthday milestone. It was a yellow-&-pink-themed session, with a handmade streamer backdrop, balloons and a party hat as elements all in the yellow & pink pastel shades, offset with some white. She looked very cute in her little outfit and although she didn’t get too stuck into her cake, I think we got some sweet ones…

Ndalo-1 Ndalo-2 Ndalo-4 Ndalo-5 Ndalo-9 Ndalo-10 Ndalo-11 Ndalo-13 Ndalo-14 Ndalo-16 Ndalo-17 Ndalo-19 Ndalo-20 Ndalo-22 Ndalo-24 Ndalo-25 Ndalo-26 Ndalo-31 Ndalo-32 Ndalo-34 Ndalo-36 Ndalo-37

Then she had had enough 😉


And we here she is with her big brother Rona (who’s 5th birthday party I did recently, take a look here for those images).


Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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