Sienna’s cake smash

Sienna’s mom had a plan to make a “winter wonderland” setting for the cake smash, with snowflakes and snowballs and a soft tulle backdrop- so we put it all together and I think it came out so pretty!

Sienna-1 Sienna-2 Sienna-4 Sienna-6 Sienna-8 Sienna-12 Sienna-13 Sienna-17 Sienna-18 Sienna-20 Sienna-22 Sienna-25 Sienna-28 Sienna-30 Sienna-33 Sienna-35 Sienna-47 Sienna-48 Sienna-49 Sienna-51 Sienna-52 Sienna-53 Sienna-54 Sienna-56 Sienna-57

We then got her into a tub for a bit of cleaning off, and some cute images as well…

Sienna-61 Sienna-63 Sienna-66 Sienna-67 Sienna-72 Sienna-79 Sienna-80 Sienna-82

Thanks for looking, Paige.x


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