Caleb . 10 Days New

I had the privilege of photographing my friend’s new little baby boy the other day. Caleb is gorgeous! Take a look at a few images from his session…

Caleb-2 Caleb-5 Caleb-6 Caleb-7 Caleb-8 Caleb-9 Caleb-10 Caleb-11 Caleb-12 Caleb-13 Caleb-16 Caleb-17 Caleb-18 Caleb-19 Caleb-20 Caleb-21 Caleb-22 Caleb-24 Caleb-25 Caleb-26

Big brother love. His mom was so worried about doing a shoot with Liam’s face is all scratched… but I think it shows that no matter what, life goes on, boys will be boys and they had to deal with cuts & scrapes in that first week of Caleb’s life 🙂


A beautiful family…


Thanks for looking, Paige.x


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