Alessia-Emma’s 3rd Birthday Party

Fairy wings and wands, Tinkerbell, gorgeous Candy Bar, fairy garden making… and fun! Alessia-Emma turned 3. Here are a few images of the day…

Alessia-Emma-1 Alessia-Emma-4 Alessia-Emma-5 Alessia-Emma-6 Alessia-Emma-8 Alessia-Emma-15 Alessia-Emma-19 Alessia-Emma-21 Alessia-Emma-27 Alessia-Emma-45 Alessia-Emma-46 Alessia-Emma-55 Alessia-Emma-58 Alessia-Emma-65 Alessia-Emma-66 Alessia-Emma-69 Alessia-Emma-74 Alessia-Emma-75 Alessia-Emma-79 Alessia-Emma-84 Alessia-Emma-87 Alessia-Emma-88 Alessia-Emma-89 Alessia-Emma-91 Alessia-Emma-93 Alessia-Emma-94 Alessia-Emma-95 Alessia-Emma-96 Alessia-Emma-98 Alessia-Emma-101 Alessia-Emma-106 Alessia-Emma-107 Alessia-Emma-108 Alessia-Emma-111 Alessia-Emma-112 Alessia-Emma-113 Alessia-Emma-120 Alessia-Emma-122 Alessia-Emma-128 Alessia-Emma-129

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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