Giuliette . Newborn {8 days}

This is a LONG post.. because I just loved too many photos! You may remember this maternity session… they waited to find out girl or boy… and they were surprised with a beautiful baby girl, naming her Giuliette. She was SO good during her newborn session, she didn’t make a peep. Here are a few of my favourites of this much loved little one…

Giuliette-5 Giuliette-117 Giuliette-115 b&w Giuliette-113 Giuliette-109 Giuliette-108 Giuliette-103 Giuliette-101 Giuliette-99 b&w Giuliette-98 Giuliette-88 Giuliette-87 b&w Giuliette-80 Giuliette-72 Giuliette-71 Giuliette-65 Giuliette-60 b&w Giuliette-55 Giuliette-49 b&w Giuliette-47 Giuliette-44 Giuliette-43 Giuliette-41 Giuliette-40 b&w Giuliette-38 Giuliette-36 Giuliette-34 Giuliette-32 Giuliette-31 Giuliette-26 Giuliette-20 Giuliette-15 b&w Giuliette-14 Giuliette-11 Giuliette-7 b&w

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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