Daniel’s Christening Celebration

Daniel is part of a very special family… friends of mine who now live in Australia. They were all home in SA in October and had an intimate, garden Christening celebration for Dan with all those close and dear to them who could be there. They were surrounded by family and lots of love- it was a very special day. It has taken a while to get these up, but here are a few of my favourite images…

Daniel's Christening-1 Daniel's Christening-2 Daniel's Christening-4 Daniel's Christening-9 Daniel's Christening-10 Daniel's Christening-11 Daniel's Christening-13 Daniel's Christening-15 Daniel's Christening-17 Daniel's Christening-19 Daniel's Christening-21 Daniel's Christening-23 Daniel's Christening-27 Daniel's Christening-37 Daniel's Christening-43 Daniel's Christening-47 Daniel's Christening-49 Daniel's Christening-50 Daniel's Christening-52 Daniel's Christening-62 Daniel's Christening-63 Daniel's Christening-68 Daniel's Christening-71 Daniel's Christening-75 Daniel's Christening-76 Daniel's Christening-82 Daniel's Christening-98 Daniel's Christening-99 Daniel's Christening-110Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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