Ethan . Newborn

You may remember this mama from their family/maternity session late last year (you can see that here). Ethan’s newborn session was done in December, and he was such a little star! He slept soundlessly through his whole sessions and let me just mold him this way and that 🙂 Take a look at these sweet images…

Ethan newborn-1Ethan newborn-10Ethan newborn-15Ethan newborn-17Ethan newborn-19 b&wEthan newborn-22Ethan newborn-27Ethan newborn-29Ethan newborn-30 b&wEthan newborn-35Ethan newborn-36Ethan newborn-39Ethan newborn-41Ethan newborn-42 b&wEthan newborn-49Ethan newborn-51Ethan newborn-54 b&wEthan newborn-65Ethan newborn-67 b&wEthan newborn-71Ethan newborn-91Ethan newborn-94

Thanks for looking, Paige. x


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