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My style is to capture things naturally: natural posing, natural smiles, natural you… All with the help of natural light.

What to expect from a session

As a lifestyle photographer, my approach is relaxed, lighthearted and “photo-journalistic”, although I do guide you a bit so that the session flows smoothly and we make sure to catch those important moments. I aim to be more realistic and capture you and your family as you really are. I am never rushed when doing a session, so we take the time we need to get those perfect shots.


The outdoors is my studio. I make use of the natural light around me which means that photo shoots usually take place a couple of hours before sunset, or early morning to make the best use of the sun’s rays.

I am an on-location photographer, and am always open to suggestions and new ideas for your session. Typically our sessions take place around your home, any spot that has significance to your family or any other pre-selected location that would make a great backdrop to your portraits. The ideal location is one where we have great light, interesting backgrounds (open landscapes, great buildings or scenic parks etc)


You have free rein when it comes to clothing for your session, and its up to you if you would like to go for any ‘theme’ of a shoot. Too bold of patterns and graphic prints are best to be avoided. Remember your clothing colours should compliment each other (not clash), but they shouldn’t be matchy-matchy if you know what I mean. Depending on the look you go for, you can go for great bright colours or muted pastels and I love fun accessories! Different layers in clothing are always great as they bring texture to the images. But most importantly you need to feel comfortable in the clothing you are wearing, so that you can be yourself.

I wrote a post on some tips on what to wear for your photo shoot, if you would like to take a read, click here.

As you book we will discuss all things about your photo shoot: location, clothing, props, date and time. I will make sure you and I are on the same page and that we have the same expectations for the shoot.


Most importantly, your session should be fun. Taking pictures shouldn’t be something to be dreaded. You should enjoy the process as much as the results.  Together we can create your unique and beautiful portraits.


16 thoughts on “session info

  1. Hi. I have a family of 5; my husband, twin boys (5months) and a daughter (2yrs) and I would like to enquire about your family shoot packages.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi, My son is turning 1 on the 6th of May 2015, I would like to have a cake smash photo-shoot for him please send me your info and prices. i am interested in doing it outdoors as you mentioned but we we stay in a flat so there isn’t any garden’s available are there any suitable places you can advice.

    Thank you looking forward to hearing from you.

    Nare Tarasana

  3. You were recommended by a friend of mine from PE. I’m looking for a gift for my cousin and her family. They are a family of 5, with the 5th being a 2 month baby girl. I’m keen to hear your price range and the package you may be able to offer. Thanks.

  4. Hi, my son is turning one this friday. and would like to take a cake smash shot. can you pls send me info about your baby/ family package? thank yyou

  5. Hello…i’m interested in a family photo shoot as well as cake smash photo shoot who is turning a year on the 25th of June. Would you please email be information on the prices, clothing, props etc. Thank you

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